(to put out from house or land especially by force of law.) desahuciar, desalojar
transitive verb
1 desahuciar, desalojar
evict [ɪ'vɪkt] vt
: desalojar, desahuciar
desahuciar (Jurisprudencia) v.
desalojar v.
desaposentar v.
desarraigar v.
transitive verb \<\<tenant/squatter\>\> desahuciar, desalojar; \<\<demonstrators\>\> desalojar
VT [+ tenant] desahuciar, desalojar
* * *
transitive verb \<\<tenant/squatter\>\> desahuciar, desalojar; \<\<demonstrators\>\> desalojar

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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